About Us

Genuine and Personal Home Care started with our own personal experiences...

Kenneth Boozer's Story

I was raised by my great grand parents in Charlotte, NC. They were very open minded people for their generation and for that region of the country. We made our own medicines. Planted most of the things we ate such as veggies, strawberries, hot peppers. We had chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats and even had a pet monkey at one time.

At an early age they and myself new that I was different. As I got older I and they knew I was “Gay”. They totally accepted me as I was and taught me to be ok with me. I would even wear my great grandmother’s jewelry and accessories and make up to school. I loved it and they allowed me to be me and wouldn’t say one negative thing about it. I would march in that elementary school room dressed like that and would think nothing of it. Because they were already in their mid 60’s, we were on food stamps and assistance. They started raising more chicken’s rabbits more crops to support me. I knew no difference and thought everyone just lived normal lives like that. It taught me to be ok with who and what I was.

That was the beginning of the journey that would lead me back to working with the LGBT senior community.

Today I’ve co-owned my own hair salon and was active for 30 years as a Vidal Sassoon trained hairstylist. I have now since then, returned to school to have received my Nursing Assistant License so I can work, with my partner, as a person ready to help and nurture the LGBT senior community to stay in their homes. I’ve always understood and loved the senior community. They taught me so early on tolerance, hope, and perseverance, believe in you, love yourself and what you do and most importantly patience with the senior community. We look forward to helping our community in the “bay area”. 

Kevin Pete’s Story

I come from a long line of caregivers. Caregiving is in the blood.

My grandparent owned their own nursing home in the Bay Area for many years before passing away several years ago. I remember vividly as a young person seeing first hand their dedication and compassion for seniors and the disabled.

I have tried to demonstrate similar compassion in my 12 years in the health care profession as a CNA.

... and together, we are excited about bringing these qualities and experiences to bear in serving the LGBT community.